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Instructional Design


Gamers Unite Course

Philosophy in Gaming Online Lesson

Gamers Unite is a flipped online humanities course where students learn the impact of video games upon individuals and societies. Students also learn how to create their own video games using Buildbox. The course is comprised of four units: Philosophy of Gaming, Social Issues in Gaming, Stereotypes in Gaming, and Mental Health in Gaming.


In this course, students complete an online lesson featuring case studies of different video games and participate in an online discussion prior to a synchronous online class meeting. During the synchronous online class meeting, technical skills that relate to the case studies are taught, demonstrated, and practiced with points from the previous case study discussion woven in for added context.

See the full lesson video here. 

Google Cardboard Faculty Training

Online Lesson


This web-based lesson introduces faculty to the use of Google Cardboard technology in their classrooms. The first half of the lesson focuses on what Google Cardboard is and how it works. The second half of the lesson includes a mini-lesson that demonstrates how Google Cardboard can be successfully implemented into a lesson.


See the full lesson video here.

Art History: Paleolithic to Renaissance Course

Introduction to Ancient Greek Architecture

Lesson 1: Classical Orders


This short web-based lesson introduces beginning art history students to Ancient Greek Architecture. Students learn the basic characteristics of the Greek Column, the three classical orders (styles) of architecture and how to identify the classical orders based on the column styles.


Students embark on a virtual field trip via Google Cardboard to explore three ancient Greek architectural sites. After the field trip, students take a short quiz to identify which classical order each site belongs to.

See the full lesson video here.

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